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Complex Layers of Cybersecurity: What You Should Know

Complex Layers of Cybersecurity: What You Should Know

Companies, especially big enterprises, rely on cybersecurity to keep their data from falling into the wrong hands or lose their data due to malware. However, cybersecurity in itself is simply a big term made up of very many layers. The architecture of a company’s cybersecurity should be people, technology, and processes working together to protect the enterprise’s assets and data.

As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity is made up of different layers, namely:

  • Physical Layer
  • Perimeter Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Host Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Data Layer
  • Compliance Layer

All of these layers work from the outside and work independently, meaning they don’t interact at all that leads to allowing threats to move up and down the layers or even laterally, causing mishaps within the organization.

With all the security applications companies may have within every layer, it can be both costly and risky on their part. That’s why most companies now rely on cloud technology. However, it’s not always a guarantee that companies won’t lose data or are guarded against threats when using a cloud to store data. Therefore, companies need to strengthen their cybersecurity architecture.

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