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Over the years we have rendered, we have been able to service several clients. We are confident that we have brought a positive change in all the businesses we have helped. Below is a list of the different industry problems we have addressed.

Industry Issue Solutions Impacts
Defense (SOA Integration, Electronic Health)
  • Lack of streamlined acquisition process to conceptualize, implement, and deploy an ACAT I IT Modernization System
  • Provided management oversight for the Technical Program Office
  • Developed milestone documentation for Defense compliance

Process Integration, Solution Enablement

  • Provided project guidance and recommendations to develop an integrated solution across multiple stakeholders
  • Delivered program, technical, and acquisition documentation to gain leadership approval and funding.
Healthcare (Automation, Competency Development)
  • Limited clarity around requirements and systems engineering for increased agency success.
  • Identified best practices and lessons learned for industry knowledge
  • Created competency metrics to increase collaboration across organizations

Process Integration, Business Optimization

  • Collaborated with administrations, staff offices, and staff organizations to standardize taxonomy across the VA.
  • Matured competencies to create new methodologies that impact the VA’s use of requirements (E2ERM, PMAS, APMF)
Healthcare (HL7 and HIPAA Innovation/Telemedicine)
  • Reduced access to medical facilitates for Military Service Men and Women and their dependence.
  • Developed detailed work plans from VACAA legislation
  • Performed validation of work products to address solution gaps and inconsistencies

Solution Enablement, Business Optimization

  • Established foundational requirements and competencies to enable integrated milestones across the program
  • Identified and managed risk while deriving and implementing legislation into solutions
Commercial Financial (Revenue Realization Automation)
  • Increased complexity in revenue management processes across multiple industries, clients, and engagements
  • Managed communications between leadership, business, and technical stakeholders
  • Monitored change throughout the development lifecycle

Lifecycle Management, Solution Enablement

  • Streamlined revenue realization across organizational units
  • Created an integrated solution for pricing and project controllers to manage revenue through the financial lifecycle.
Healthcare (Data Analytics/Electronic Health)
  • Inability to identify cost-effectiveness within the Office of Information & Technology at the VA
  • Managed multiple studies to provide analysis that influenced decision-making
  • Developed the VA’s Evolution Interoperability Plan to support EHR development

Business Optimization, Solution Enablement

  • Coordinated and managed the delivery of work products that impacted funding decisions within OI&T
  • Established the initial road map for the VA EHR development to assist with coordination between VA and MHS
Civilian Financial (Taxation Automation)
  • Complex orchestration of management, implementation, and deployment of IT Modernization efforts in concert with filing season lifecycles each year.
  • Created adherence approaches to the business needs and delivery partner activities not explicitly outlined by requirements
  • Developed test approaches and strategies for testing techniques within CADE 2 TS2

Business Optimization, Solution Enablement

  • Managed the disposition and adjudication of Solution Assurance Items to requirements, checklist, and/or ELC artifacts to safeguard the quality of delivery for TS2
  • Assisted with identifying integration points between environments, tools, and data among individual test teams for each project.
Civilian (General Ledger Automation)
  • Lack of knowledge for developing and managing business and technical requirements for an overhaul of the client’s financial systems.
  • Provide on the ground training to require professionals to standardize business analysis processes
  • Established a process to support system requirements derivation

Process Integration, Business Optimization

  • Established a foundation for business stakeholders to elicit the appropriate requirements for future systems
  • Integrated the system requirements approach with an enabling tool for the optimized management of end-to-end requirements
Civilian (Data Collection, Management, Visualization)
  • Limited system integration and process management competencies to support the continued growth and enablement of technology to meet business needs
  • Development of a Solution Assessment Framework to influence technical decision within programs and projects
  • Enable Technical Integration through process standardization and socialization

Process Integration, Lifecycle Management

  • Streamlined the process of managing technical decisions in support of the CIO, CTO, and other technical leaders within the organization
  • Oversaw the development of technical standards and increased integration of systems across the enterprise

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